Interesting Facts About Rembrandt

The mention of Rembrandt certainly sends many shock waves across the spines of people who know the history of European art work. This is mainly because Rembrandt is known to be the greatest painter in European art whose work has been able to provoke accolades from onlookers. Despite having been long gone, Rembrandt’s paintings are still able to send ripples across the painting world throughout Europe and the entire globe.

Without any doubt, it would be interesting to learn about the facts that are associated with the iconic figure of European and art history. Here is a look at 10 of the most notable facts about Rembrandt. Some of the facts may be shocking, while others may be expected.

He was the most dominant painter and etcher of the Dutch Golden Age; with art works that were devoid of error and ambiguity, it is not shocking that Rembrandt was the most prominent painter  of the Dutch Golden Age.