Most Expensive Art Works

Rembrandt’s art works remain some of the world’s most respected and revered works of all time. The Dutch artist who dominated the Dutch Golden Age has left behind a mark which his arch rivals have failed to erase up to this day. Not shocking, even the art works that were produced following his death have not been formidable rivals. Today, only the most distinguished museums are able to showcase the art works of the most respected Dutch artist. As a matter of fact, some museums are only able to showcase his history without the company of his paintings. This is mainly due to the daunting price tags that are associated with most of his paintings. But, some museums have as many as 200 of his paintings.

A wide range of  Rembrandt’s art works have been collected by museums around the world. This is despite the huge costs that are associated with them.

The Price Tags Of Rembrandt’s Art Works Explained

The costs of Rembrandt’s art works vary depending on a number of factors ranging from the tools used to come up with the art work, the message conveyed by the art work to the quality of the painting. Each of these plays a role in determining the cost of Rembrandt’s art works. There are certain highly distinguished works of art by Rembrandt which fetch a lot of money and are thus some of the most expensive art works to have ever been produced by the Dutch artist. The following are some of Rembrandt’s most expensive art works. Most of these are only found in the elite museums around the globe.

Storm On The Sea Of Galilee

$50 million

Storm On The Sea Of Galilee

This is a very famous painting which remains missing after it was stolen in 1990. Its value is known to have been over $50 million. Authorities around the world are still in search of the painting.

Portrait Of A Man, Half-Length With Arms Akimbo

This painting was done in 1658 by Rembrandt. Despite having been hidden for almost 40 years, it was still able to fetch up to $33.2 million by the year 2009 and may fetch almost twice as much today.

Storm On The Sea Of Galilee

$33.2 million

Storm On The Sea Of Galilee

$180 million

Pendant Portraits Of Maerten Soolmans And Oopjen Coppit 

This piece of art fetches well over $170 million, although it was able to fetch as much as $180 million by 2015. Price changes may be due to inflation and competition from rivalry art works.

Portrait Of A Lady

This painting depicts a lady aged 62 at the time she was painted. Due to its enchanting appearance, the painting is able to fetch close to $30 million.

Storm On The Sea Of Galilee

$30 million