Museums Showcasing Works By Rembrandt

There is barely any art museum that does not feature the works of Rembrandt, the Dutch artist who reigned as the most dominant artist of the Dutch Golden Age. Up to this day, he remains one of the most revered artists of the Dutch Golden Age and is held in high esteem by many art enthusiasts of this age. His ability to understand the human soul and its connection to nature enabled him to conjure up ideas which remain unparalleled up to this.

Today, museums around the world feature some of the best art works of Rembrandt and are eager to buy new ones. Based on his unmatched popularity, Rembrandt’s art works are only owned by distinguished museums. Not all museums around the world are able to own Rembrandt’s art works and even those that do, are only able to afford a select few of his art works. The following are some of the major examples of museums around the world that have been able to stock important art works of Rembrandt.

The London National Gallery

The London National Gallery

Quite rich in both landscape and genre, the museum is home to a wide of paintings by the world’s most distinguished painters including Rembrandt.

Historisch Museum In Amsterdam

It features a wide range of art works by the artists who lived during the Golden Age of the Dutch.

Musee Royals de Beaux-Arts In Brussels

Another museum with a reputation of being the host to some of the most distinguished Dutch artists of all time. Rembrandt’s art works are also present in numbers.

Mauritshuis In The Hague

Compared to other art galleries, this one is home to a very small collection of art works. It is home to a wide pool of art works that were produced during the Dutch Golden Age even though it only represents a single painting for each artist. In the case of Rembrandt, the museum features his famous Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp.

The Alte Pinakothek In Munich

This is home to many portraits by Rembrandt especially those from the Rembrandt’s Passion series. It also features many collections done by iconic figures of the Dutch art community.

Rijksmuseum In Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum In Amsterdam

This is the largest collection of Dutch pictures that is available today. It features a wide range of paintings done by the most revered artists of the Dutch community including Rembrandt, his students and his arch rivals.

Staatliche Gemaldegalerie In Dresden

A great marvel due to its unique architecture and great collection of Dutch art work. This is the museum to visit if you are interested in gazing upon Rembrandt’s art works which were done in the middle ages. Several other art works by other Dutch icons of the middles ages can also be found in the museum.

Louvre In Paris

Louvre In Paris

A very balanced combination of Dutch art works along with other elite artists of the Dutch Golden Age. It features a number of art works by Rembrandt and his contemporaries.

Other world renowned art museums that are in possession of Rembrandt’s art works and are thus worth mentioning are Institute of Arts in Detroit, Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin, Uffizi and Pitti Galleries in Florence, Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen, Staatliche Gemalde galerie in Berlin and Hermitage in Leningrad.