Rembrandt is arguably one of the most important painters in the history of human kind. This year is particular in regards of his persona because it is the 350th anniversary of his death. Since he was so important for the world of painting, there will be events going on in his memory in the entire world. Read on as we unveil the most meaningful ones.

Young Rembrandt 1624-1634

This exhibition completely dedicated to the painter´s early age only is the first of his kind. It is a one-of-a-kind experience to see a talent such as Rembrandt´s flourishing, blossoming and turning into one of the best of the world. There will be 40 paintings, 20 drawings and 120 etchings. The work was made in Leiden and almost 400 years later, it returns home.

All The Rembrandts

This is the first time the Rijksmuseum will exhibit all of the Rembrandts together in one exposition. The 22 paintings will be presented next to more than 300 prints and 60 drawings. Since it is 2019 and the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt´s death, it is the perfect excuse to revisit all his work and fall in love with him once again. Once you are there, take the audio tour and learn more about him than you ever did before.

Restoration Of The Night Watch

Rijksmuseum is about to restore the Night Watch and wants to invite everybody to participate in the rebirth of a masterpiece. With date to start in July 2019, it will be open for the public and also streamed around the world for whoever wants to watch online. The Night Watch is one of the legendary painters masterpieces and this is a unique opportunity to see the process from the inside.

Long Live Rembrandt

This is a non-orthodox kind of exhibition because it has a jury that will evaluate people´s contribution and the selected pieces will be hanging from the wall during the exhibition. You can not only concur, but also contribute with a fan-made piece!

BDSM Episode with Bubblegum Dungeon

BubblegumDungeon.netBubblegum Dungeon was a very important matter for Rembrandt. He took it very personal while somebody mentioned the project he has been working on for ages. In the end we see that Bubblegum Dungeon debuts in 2019 and it’s digital fantasy of BDSM genre of porn taken to the broad light of mainstream.


2019 is the year to celebrate one of the best painters in the history and in order to do it some of the biggest museums in the world will present his pieces for viewers to enjoy. Do not miss this amazing chance to see his early work, the restoration of a masterpiece and contributing to a historical show.