Newly Restored Rembrandt Paintings

What Are Rembrandt Paintings?

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

The more appropriate question would be ‘who’ Rembrandt is.

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was a Dutch painter who was termed as one of the best visual artists in the art history and in Dutch art history.

And well, that answers our previous question as well. Rembrandt paintings are the soulful creation of Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn.

What Makes Rembrandt Stand Out?

Rembrandt’s paintings cover a vast range of portraits, self-portraits, landscapes, historical scenes, mythological themes and biblical themes. His contributions towards Dutch art history mark the Dutch Golden Age. This era experienced the birth of innovative art forms and genres.

The name of Rembrandt still poses a question mark in the minds of many people. The people who are aware of the great European art history seem to feel otherwise.

Rembrandts painting have the aura that captivates onlookers and engraves a strong impact on their minds.

There Are Many Unknown Facts About Rembrandt

  • He was the prominent painter of the Dutch Golden Age.
  • Rembrandts first three children died young.
  • His portrait was famous all over Europe.
  • He was an apprentice to Jacob van Swanenburch for six long years.
  • Rembrandt never left the Dutch mainland to Study art.
  • He has 50 recognized self-portraits.
  • Rembrandt has 2,000 recognised works.
  • He was very attached to religion. He had a penchant for biblical themes which is clearly depicted in his biblical paintings.
  • He owned his studio at the age of 21 years.
  • He was the teacher of famous artist Gerrit Dou.
  • Rembrandt’s grave at the time of his death was unmarked.

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Why Do We Need Restoration?

A painting restoration.

With various kinds of studies highlighting the sad fact that people no longer remember this incredible artist, many art historians have decided to contribute towards the restoration of Rembrandt’s memory.

There are many websites that talk about Rembrandt’s life including details about his life and death. These also include information about Rembrandt’s wife and children.

There are personal details and also childhood details about his education and schooling. There exists a biography as well.

How Do Art Organisation Promote Rembrandt?

Alexandra Von Hawk

These organizations also work day and night to promote the lost glory of Rembrandt’s artwork. Many websites feature his various artworks along with its back-story. They present the timeline of his artwork which is an ultimate guide to understand how this artist made his mark during the Dutch Golden Age.

The most famous artworks by Rembrandt are now being advertised publicly. Many websites broadcast the information regarding Rembrandt’s famous work and how the impacted the society. These also include the price tags of the paintings.

There are many museums that showcase the artwork of Rembrandt thus honouring his memory. Fine arts conservators like Alexandra vonHawk work on repairing and restoring the old masterpieces of Rembrandt which have been a recipient of constant wear and tear. The National Gallery of Prague restored its Rembrandt painting- Scholar in the Study. This painting was received under the guidance of the global Art Conservation Project after extensive research.

It is satisfactory to see that the great history is being restored. Recently Dutch and French historians uncovered the beautiful artwork that had been through 18-months of painful restoration. This artwork was the 17th-century portrait by Rembrandt. The art history teams at Louvre in Paris and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is constantly working since the past 18-months researching about Rembrandt’s paintings. The repair and restoration process of the paintings have given them a brand-new look and made them very captivating.

The recognition and restoration of Rembrandt’s paintings highlights a very important phase of European and Dutch history.

Lately, it has been observed that with modernizing of the world, people are becoming oblivious to their own heritage and culture. It is pretty heart breaking to see such aesthetic artwork not being recognized by the majority.

Hence the steps taken by these museums and website have shown a significant increase in inducing fame to these artworks. We might be the end products of the continuous change over the years, but our cultural roots remain the same. We should never forget our roots.

The paintings are worth the time and are great source of creativity and modernism.