Largest Private Collection Of Rembrandt Arts

European museums are filled with his art works ranging from portraits, paintings to etchings. He is the iconic figure of the Dutch Golden Age who mastered the work of visual arts like no other among his contemporaries. Rembrandt has been able to produce mind staggering art works which have left the modern world perplexed up to this day. Despite having lived during the 17th century, his work continues to inspire many artists of today and he remains one of the most respected Dutch artists of all time. In order to get anywhere close to fathoming just how great an artist Rembrandt was, it would be perfect to have a closer look at some of his major works. A complete understanding of how great Rembrandt was would be to gaze upon his mind boggling artistic works showcased by some of the world’s most iconic private collections of his work.

Based on his unparalleled popularity, many would claim to be in possession of the largest private collection of Rembrandt’s visual art works. But, very few are capable of attaining such a status. Here is a look at the only private collectors of Rembrandt’s visual art works who are arguably the worthiest of all who try to claim such a status.

Unveiling The The Largest Private Collection Of Rembrandt’s Art Works

You may be shocked to learn that the individuals to have earned such great honour are a couple, Thomas Kaplan and Daphne Recanati his wife. The couple revealed its identity to the world in February 2017 at the Musee du Louvre where it had successfully managed to remind the world of how great Rembrandt really was. Thanks to the collection, the world was able to recall just how much contribution Dutch artists have made to the global visual art fraternity.

The collection which is only referred to as the “Leiden Collection“ is a collection of Rembrandt’s most mind capturing pieces of Rembrandt’s work. As early as 2003, the piecing together of the collection had already started. Thomas Kaplan is an America Francophile and Philanthropist who has dedicated a huge fraction of his personal time to collecting mind blowing pieces of art from all over the world. During the past 14 years, he spent a lion share of his hard earned fortune collecting the works of art of the Dutch Golden Age art titan, Rembrandt.

The Leiden collection is an assemblage of the works of art which are held in high esteem by the rest of the world. Around 250 paintings and drawings of Rembrandt are present in the collection.

Some of Rembrandt’s Paintings in Leiden Collection

Featured Works Of Rembrandt

Rembrandt’s major astonishing pieces of art that the couple featured included the Minerva, Unconscious patient, Young Girl with a Trimmed Cloak and a Young Lion Resting. All these were part of the 250 paintings that the coupled showcased.


The Minerva

Unconscious Patient

Unconscious Patient

Accompanying Visual Artists

The couple did not just end on displaying some of the most marvellous works of Rembrandt. Rather, they extended their visual arts collection to other high profile figures of the Dutch Golden Age. Additional works of art by students of Rembrandt and his colleagues are also present in the collection. Major names worth mentioning are Eliezer and Rebecca, two paintings that were both brought to life by Ferdinand Bol. Ferdinand is an iconic figure of art history whose paintings were largely influenced by Rembrandt following his enrolment in Rembrandt’s art school. Other notable paintings worth naming are those done by Frans van Mieris and Johannes Vermeer, labelled as Woman Feeding a Parrot and A Young Woman Seated at a Virginal respectively. Gerrit Dou, Jan Steen and Jan Lievensz also had their names labelled on some of the visual arts that had been made available for display.